This day Lily goes to school earlier. She has a new class today. She is in grade six now. When the bell is ringing, she and her friend run to the class. In front off her class, the pupils are linning up.

After the line up, they get into the class.  Knock, knock, knock … It looks like someone is knocking the door. Miss Kate open the door and say, “Assalaamu’alaikum …”. Then we answer “Wa’alaikumsalaam …”. It looks like she brings someone with her, she is a young lady. “This is your new teacher” Miss Kate said. “Let me introduce you to our new teacher, her name is Miss Lilac. She will teach you in this academic year. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead”, said Miss Kate.

“She is so weird, look at her ! She wears black clothes !” Summer said. Summer is Lily’s friend. “We can’t see her real face too !”, said other pupil. Lily a little bit sacred with Miss Lilac.

Studying with Miss Lilac is so boringggggg …, because Miss Lilac told pupils many  attitude lessons. They are so busy with her. Everyone did not like Miss Lilac. They said Miss Lilac is a bad teacher. They hate Miss Lilac !

One day, in Lily’s school, there is a competition. The competition is about attitude competition. So, the nicest, cleanest and the most polite class is the winner. And finally Lily’s class became the winner. Everyone in the class do everything that Miss Lilac told.

Now, everyone knows Miss Lilac is a good teacher. They know that everything Miss Lilac said is for their own goodness. Now they love Miss Lica. When they graduate, Miss Lilac is gone. Many pupils ask about her. But many teachers don’t know it. Until one day Miss Kate said, “do you know about her ? She is my teacher when I was a kid like you all. She taught me many attitude lessons too”. “What ????!!!! …” They still can’t believe it. “How can it be ????”


By : Elda – Grade 6


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